Horse Assisted Therapy Services of

North Louisiana, Inc.

Horse Assisted Therapy Services of North Louisiana, Inc., or HATS for short, provides therapeutic horsemanship instruction to people who are “differently-abled.” We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization incorporated in 2009, and we are located in Calhoun, LA. HATS is a proud member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic 

Horse Assisted Therapy Services of North Louisiana, Inc. (HATS) exists to enhance the lives of individuals and families who are differently-abled through equine assisted activities and therapy services.

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What people have to say...

Miss Leslie, Miss Jessica, Mr. Don, and the HATS Organization,

We are so grateful to each of you and this program for what you have done for Steele.  He looks forward to riding each week! I know it has really helped him.  We have so enjoyed working with each of you and can't wait to come back in the fall!  And we cant forget our favorite horse, Jake!  Thank You!!

Lindsay and Steele

Dear HATS;
I am writing this letter to let you know how much your program means to us.  Princess Lauren is autistic and has reached the age where she wants to begin spreading her wings and being more independent.  Your program has helped her do that.  You can tell how much she enjoys it by the big smile she has on here face when she leads Jake out to the arena.  She says that her and Jake are best friends.  She loves to bring him carrots and apples to show him how much she loves him.  Lauren loves animals and this is right up her alley.  Leslie and the volunteers have been so friendly and helpful.  We really appreciate them and there burden for these kids.  My family is so thankful for you guys.  Please keep up the good work.  We can never thank you enough for what you mean to Lauren.
Thank you,

"My 5-year old grandson with autism has trouble focusing, and riding at H.A.T.S teaches him how to listen and follow instructions, and to block out distractions. Riding also works on his core strength which has always been weak. He loves the horses and especially likes to brush them and give them a bath after the riding session. " Pamela

"Thank you so much for today- you made Molly such a happy girl:))) - that's all a mother could ask for!"


Our Sponsors

Horsemanship, International, an organization that provides standards and guidelines, certification, and education in the field of equine assisted activities and therapies. A physical therapist, PATH Certified Instructors, a variety of amazing horses, and specially trained volunteers work together to maximize the safety of and benefits to participants.​

"I wanna express to you the gratitude that we have to have helped give Chris a new attitude about himself and also a sense of achievement that im so happy to see...he is the joy in my life and I hate seeing him get thanks so much to [HATS] and of course Radler."

HATS of N LA is a PATH, Intl Member Center striving to meet and exceed the guidelines and standards it sets for the therapeutic horsemanship industry. Our instructors are certified through PATH, Intl to provide safe and effective activities for all of our amazing participants.